HiWi – IT system Support , FB- Information Systems & Electronic Services , TU DARMSTADT

Job Title: HiWi IT System Support wanted!
Location: Hochschulstraße 1, TU Stadtmitte, 64289 Darmstadt
Remuneration: Wage (in €): 9 € / hour.
Duration of employment: by appointment
Job Description: To complement our team at the Subject “Information Systems & e-Services”, we are looking for a / n helpful scientific / n / in (course of study: any, Bachelor) approx 20 hrs / month (flexible by arrangement)
Requirements: Tasks and requirements for applicants (inside): – Maintaining a Windows Server environment with Exchange – maintenance of the IT infrastructure (printer, virtual machines, …) – Computer and Network administration (including configuration UTM / Firewall) – Commitment, independent and goal-oriented operation, as well as readiness for incorporation into new subjects – Good German and English


Contact: Mr. Michael Wessel
Address: Hochschulstarße 1
E-mail: wessel[at]ise.tu-darmstadt.de

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