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Student assistant for the project “e-tandems” wanted!



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tafter conventional HiWi setDuration of employmentunlimited

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Project E-tandem?

(Www.e-learning.tu-darmstadt.de/etandem) implies that student staff (research assistants) into the fields of on-site guidance and support in e-learning. The aim is to promote e-learning activities in the fields.

The student assistants are trained and supervised by the university computer center, but work locally in the art.


– They are the first contact / f to e-learning in the art and, therefore, act as an interface between the teachers and the university computer center.

– They help the teachers and their employees / inside

and student assistants with questions and problems to the use of the learning platform Moodle, to carry out lecture notes and other e-learning scenarios.

– Design and implement measures to

to promote e-learning activities of teachers in each subject area (such as office hours, short presentations / training).

– Advise the teachers and ideas regarding the use of media in teaching.


– Independent, self-work initiatives, but also teamwork are natural for you.

– You like to go to other people and enjoy it, to teach them something.

– You will ideally have some experience in the consulting and support area is collected and counseling skills acquired (eg, by Tutoren-/Mentorentätigkeit, as part of the team training companion, the HDA or in teacher training).

– You have a high affinity for the use of media and enjoy working in new software and systems. They are not afraid of technology and e-learning are good.

– For the e-tandem working in FB 5 we are looking physics students. For the e-tandem working in FB 2, FB 3 and FB 18 each study is welcome.

– You should be a student / in the TU Darmstadt.

– About 40h/Monat effective Sept. or October


We look forward to a meaningful, written application from you via e-mail!





Anne Bieberstein

Phone06151 1675804Fax




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