IT service area-Student Assistant – Hessen , Germany

Job Title: IT service area-Student Assistant
Location: In the Leppsteinswiesen 12, 64380 Roßdorf
Type of employment: 450-euro basis (marginal employment)
Duration of employment: by appointment
Job Description: For the service area of our IT company we are looking for a motivated and responsible students with an interest in longer-term employment. The scope includes Suppport in the field User, PC, Printer, Network (by knowledge) and small repair work. Occasional transport services (pick-up / delivery ) with eignenen cars (payroll negotiable)
Your profile: They are confident in using MS Office applications and Windows operating systems, have basic networking knowledge and have good German and English, spoken and Schrift.Wir attach great importance to a high degree of initiative, a neat appearance, flexibility and a friendly and open Art.
Company: JBC Computer Elektronik GmbH
Contact: Mr Jürgen Böer
Address: In the Leppsteinswiesen 12
64380 Roßdorf
Phone: +49 6154 637893

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