Master Thesis: O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH – Germany


Industry: Machinery and equipment
Job title: Maser Student (m / f) laser technology, mathematics, computer science, physics,
Location: Diesel Strasse 15, 64807
Type of employment: by appointment
Remuneration: by appointment
Start of employment:
Duration of employment: by appointment
Job Description: The laser output of an OR-laser module is available via 
an analog input by a voltage 
controlled. For the modes CW and pulse mode 
of the optical is currently a linear dependence 
of output voltage on the analog input 
accepted. This simplified calibration leads 
to the fact that the set power only in a 
certain range with the übereinstimmt output. 
to edge regions, the actual 
optical output power on the set 
power by more than 10% different. In the pulse mode 
to come in addition dependencies of 
the pulse duration and pulse rate added. 
During a master’s thesis is a Rechnergestütztes 
automatic calibration for both 
modes to develop. Here are various 
laser parameters set and the corresponding 
optical output power with a meter 
are detected. In addition, these values ​​are to 
be evaluated rechnergestützt and depending 
of the corresponding input parameters of 
the specific functions of the output line 
are determined: 
function (CW): PCW = FCW (UIN) 
function (Pulsed): PPuls = fpulse (UIN, fpulse, tPulse) 
is the goal it with the help of these functions, the deviation 
of the actual to set laser power 
to reduce significantly.
Requirements: In addition to good academic performance skills are 
in mathematics, laser technology, information technology 
and interest in the advertised subject expected.
Company: OR Laser Technologie GmbH
Contact: Markus Wolf
Address: Diesel Road 15 
64807 Dieburg
Phone: +49 6071 9281746
E-mail: M.Wolf [at]

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