PhD position in the area of trustworthy software/systems • TU Darmstadt • Darmstadt

The DEEDS group researches large scale distributed & networked systems covering themes such as Cloud Computing, Data Centers, Mobile Computing, P2P etc. In these areas, the PhD position is targeted to research the following topic areas:

Design/analysis/assessment of secure/trustworthy operating systems and software

Threat profiling and security testing

Desing & analysis of dependable and secure distributed protocols

Quantification of cloud security

Formal verification of security


 A German PhD position is a regular salaried position with a 3 year contract that provides full salary and benefits. The position can be a state supported position or a project supported one.

If you are based in Germany/Darmstadt and interested in a PhD in the above areas, feel free to stop by at one of classes or seminars for an initial discussion regarding your interests and how they align with the DEEDS research directions.


You have a University degree such as MS or Diploma (or you are close to your degree) in Computer Science or a related area and both your English and German are fluent.

NOTE : Procedurally the German system does not take in folks for a PhD directly after the BS. Over the MS program we do not offer direct financial support unless the support for the student comes through a German exchange fellowship program (called DAAD: that is initiated in the foreign country and the nomination supported by a German host. This is a relatively simple process that we have had good experiences with in the past. I’d suggest your exploring that avenue first.


I receive a large number of email messages from students expressing an interest in working with me. Consequently, I cannot respond to each query individually. However, I will gladly respond to email messages from applicants who demonstrate having made an effort to understand the group’s research.

In general, response to communication from PhD position applicants will ONLY be forthcoming if *all*supporting material is provided at the time of query to include:

a) complete and detailed CV
b) complete educational transcripts including grades/degrees awarded
c) a short write-up specifically covering your expected research area and alignment with the DEEDS group themes.

*Only* those applicants sending complete material as listed above will receive responses.

The only forum we have for assessing your application is via your credentials, experience and especially your statements about your research directions. Needless to say, evaluating your application via this limited forum is a heuristic process where I definitely put more weight to your experiences, and especially if the applicant communicates a coherent and meaningful research interest that *aligns* with the general interest of the group. Of course, I do not expect a fully detailed plan charted out or a perfect match to our group interests, though your efforts behind perusal of the group’s interests/publications and then expressing a coherent alignment to that has more value to me than your grades.

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