Tips for scholarship applicants in Germany

Tips for scholarship applicants

There are numerous programmes and trusts that provide financial support that is ideal for students. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please consider the following:

Written applications have many steps. Depending on the requirements of the scholarships; recommendations, references and certificates, as well as a current tabular and /or detailed CV, must be submitted. A completed application form and a letter of motivation are usually also required. Since the procurement of these documents may take several weeks, you should find out early via the Internet which documents are required and be aware of deadlines. It is important to address the aims and principles of the sponsors. While some scholarships have no preference for candidates, others preferor are limited exclusively to the promotion of students pursuing their Master or doctoral degree, or only to international students.

Community volunteer work is often asked about and should be presented in the letter of motivation and demonstrated through reports or references.

It may be helpful to ask the tutors of respective foundations at HU for advice or written recommendations.

The following table of study-aid programmes and trust foundations represents only a selection of possible scholarships in Berlin and Germany. For more funding options see the Internet:

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