Visa Rejected?

My Visa application was rejected. What do I do now?

If you are of the opinion that the decision of the Embassy was incorrect, please explain in writing, why you have this opinion and request for the re-checking of the rejection of your visa application.You will receive a short explanation in note form regarding the reasons for the rejection of your application when you receive your passport. Please discuss the reasons for rejection in your written request for the checking (remonstration). The processing of a remonstration requires several weeks. The embassy will thereby respond to your remonstration and review the application.

1. Alternative:

  • If we come to the conclusion, that an additional interview could help, we send you a written invitation to an interview.
  • If we can in the course of the discussion follow your reasoning, you will receive a visa.
  • If we cannot follow your reasoning, you will consequently receive a written notice by post, against which you can file a court case against the Federal Republic of Germany with the Administrative Court in Berlin within one month of receipt of the notice. Pursuant to Paragraph 23 Section 1 of the Administrative Procedure Act official language is German. For this reason all notices are to be written in German. If you do not understand German, you can have the notice translated by your sponsor or a professional translator. The Embassy does not provide translation services.

2. Alternative

  • If we are of the opinion, that our decision does not require an additional discussion with you as the applicant, then you will receive a detailed written notice by post, against which you can file a court case against the Federal Republic of Germany with the Administrative Court in Berlin within one month of receipt of the notice.
  • Berlin High court is extreme step, & charge can be as high as 5000 Euros.. and even one CAN NOT be sure of getting VISA

In the case that you have received a written notice following the remonstration,you have a period of one month following delivery of the notice to you for the filing of a court case against the Federal Republic of Germany with the Administrative Court in Berlin. Please wait in any case until you have received the notice. You can, alternatively, submit a new application and should hereby respond especially to the reasons for the rejection of your previous application and try to clear these up through the submission of the appropriate documents.

Source: ( German Embassy Manila, ) 


  • mje

    hello admin
    I applied for student applicant visa before nine months today I got response that my application been rejected due to embassy mistake now embassy reopened my application and sent the required stuff which they needed in Germany. do you think they will reject my application or I will get the visa ?
    thank you
    waiting for yur response

  • Farah

    I applied for family reunion visa but almost 7 months before but got my visa rejected and the reason for rejection was that my husband have probation period at job(he is physiotherapist and works in a clinic).. then my husband got unlimited job contact letter from his employer and I applied for applied on 04.01.2016 with all my supporting documents like appeal letter ,my husband’s job contract,new unlimited job letter ,bank statement,visa card… I just want to confirm that are these documents enough to support my appeal? And how long embassy take to process now? Plz help me… m very stressed….Plz help….

  • ghanshyam

    Dear admin,
    Thank you very much for your attention. I gave my visa interview on 15 January 2016. I applied for master program. But still 2 months I didn’t get any response from mumbai embassy.morover I mailed university counselor about my situations. They said me that they sent my documents to Mumbai consulate 8th February. Also I mailed Mumbai embassy they gave me response that feedback of german domestic authorities decision is still pending since one month they said me same response. I didn’t understand the meaning of the mail. I called embassy about this but officer also didn’t understand the meaning of mail. Is there any chance to get visa approval???
    Please give me response as soon as possible.
    Thanks a a lot.

    • yash

      German Domestic Authority means Indian officer in Embassy.
      Have you received approval …what time you received ?

  • kavya

    I have my visa interview on 18th and my blocked account is not opened yet. And I donot have any certificate of German classes even though I have applied masters in English course. I feel chances of rejection is high?

  • sk1991

    I had student visa and joined course and lived in germany for 3 months but due to family problems i returned back leaving the course..
    what are the chances of visa if i want to apply again ?

  • Dev

    I gave my VI on 22 January , 2018. But yet now I haven’t received the confirmation . Is that mean rejection of Visa . I mailed Embassy they said delay from GERMAN counter part . Now it’s almost 50 days . What does it mean plz. Help

  • Anita

    My sons student applicant visa is rejected after 90 days of application. Reason given is that he hasn’t prepared enough to show that he will complete his Engineering within the time frame.. my son has just completed 12 grade in CBSE board New Delhi. We are Indian expats in Dubai. The embassy had asked for his original 12 marksheet but unfortunately we recevied it very late. My son had done A1 only at time of application and couldn’t do more language due to school timings. Now he is doing B1 in Dubai. We have registered him for 3?level of language course in Berlin.

    My question is: Do I apply for language visa now and then again apply for student applicant visa?
    Will his chance for student visa be affected with this rejection?

    Thank you

  • shani

    My visa has been rejected and the embassy has told me to file a complaint to the Berlin court.
    how longe does it take time to Conclusion from the Berlin Court?

  • Fakhar

    Dear admin
    Recently my visa got rejected now can fintiba send my money to me through western union or to another german account instead from which it was being transferred to my account at fintiba

  • Mirwais

    im newly graduated doctor and i ve applied for specialization in germany through a company, so the german language was a condition.
    than i took addmision in languahe course and credit the fee of course 4000€’ and made blocked account with money, rent accomodition, get insurance and more other documents.
    after interview to day 21-11-2018, i got reject reply.
    now i dont know what should i do? any one who knows about the process please guide me for the next step.
    because i ve spent more money and time.

  • Nagi reddy

    I had my german student visa interview on 20 Dec 2018 it is already above 45 days did not recieved any update till now and my frnds who took interview 2 weeks later than me got visa…what is the reason is my visa rejected or accepted…? Plz help me…

    Thanks in advance

  • Ruturaj Chavan

    Hey admin,
    I had my remonstration interview on 11th june’19 in Mumbai Consulate. The german officer told me to provide an official university letter from Duisburg University. The admission letter i had submitted to the consulate was official but without a letter head. Some people I know had already got their visas with the same kind of admission letter. But since the consulate told me to provide a more official and authenticated admission letter, i mailed the university and got a different admission letter with a letter head which I had already forwarded to the consulate on 12th june’19. My question is in how many days can I expect an answer from consulate? I am already missing a lot on my language classes in Bonn. Please reply to this.

  • Sucilan

    Dear Admin,

    I had applied for my german student visa from the Uk on 13th of august and i have not heard back anything from the immigration office yet. My UK visa expires on 30th of September 2019. What are the chances of my visa getting approved before that. Will i get a mail with the reasons if my visa was rejected. Awaiting your response. Thank you.

  • Sucilan

    Hi, yes I got my visa approved on 22nd September 2019. Thanks.

  • Jithin George

    Hi admin,
    My visa application has been rejected due to the college didn’t informed in the senate in Hamburg. So I submitted my Remonstration in German consulate Bangalore with required documents. It’s been more than 1 month after my remonstration. How many days it will take to get a response from Bangalore consulate regarding my remonstration?

  • Saheel

    Hey Jithin George.
    My visa also got rejected and yesterday, I submitted Remonstrance letter to the German consulate Banglore. Do you have any update on your Remonstrance ????

    The reason for my rejection was, they couldn’t believe that I’m going to study in Germany

  • hari

    Hi Saheel,

    My VISA also got rejected and i submitted remonstrance letter to the German consulate Bangalore,Yesterday.I’m going to ask you same question,Did you get any update on your Remonstrance?

    The reason for my rejection was,i.m comes under rent out employee.”I got the new contract from my employer with sufficient salary like permanent employee and i submitted all the documents to embassy”.

  • Nani

    Dear Admin,
    I submitted my visa application for national visa (Student Visa) for master studies at Frankfurt university to German embassy at Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia by 17.Dec.2019. They informed me it takes minimum 4 weeks to process the application and update me about the decision. but the issue is that my work permit visa will expire by end of Feb.2020 in Malaysia and I am afraid that German embassy delay my process and I face with a issue with my current Malaysia’s visa also (I am originally from Iran and working in Malaysia).
    Anyone got any idea normally how long does it takes for German embassy to process student national visa application at Malaysia?
    I believe some countries like China or India, the processing time is really long, I wanted to know about the processing time of Malaysia since even the appointment booking was really easy.
    Your reply will be appreciated.

  • Shubham

    Hey admin,
    I have opened a blocked account of 10032 euros accorning to my university guidline but accorning to german embassy there must be blocked account of 10236 euros . I have blocked account of 10032 euro , do my visa would get reject though i have unconditional letter from university


    i m recently graduated docotor and i have applied for my student long term visa on nov 21, 2019 in germany embassy new delhi for MSC course in health sciences with a language course condition. i also got admission in language school..!!

    after 30 days of interview .. i sent an email to the german embassy (under visa matter section) regarding my visa status.. they repliedthat “”FEEDBACK FROM THE FOREIGN ALIEN AUTHORITIES IS STILL PENDING.. visa process might take 4-12 weeks..””

    after completion of 8 weeks i again sent an email to german embassy (under “”visa matters”” section and “consulate section”” as well for my visa application status because it was getting late)
    from german embassy from visa matters department i again got the same computer generated reply .. that FEEDBACK from german alien authority is still pending..

    and next i again got an email reply (this time from consular department) .. that “” Dear Sir/Madam,,

    We will send you a letter by registered post on the address mentioned on your application form soon. Kindly await the same.””

    … right now i m really confused… is this a sign of visa rejection????

  • Sarada

    Hi! My student visa interview for germany was on 29 sep. I answered most of the questions nicely but i failed to answer important question properly as my preparation … At last visa officer said we will call… I have received admission letter for double bachelor in other field than my previous course. And my previous grades in bachelor degree is bad as it had back papers… I am in tension thinking about the visa chances… can you please explain my condition and probability of visa.

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