German Student Visa Rejection

I see students saying that German embassy has gone messy and they are rejecting so many applications. Consider this scenario (Example) Till last year , embassy was giving about 50 visa’s for winter semester and the number of applicants were about 70. It means that only 20 cases got rejected in winter semester. Since this group had not many students last year , not many people shared their actually accept/reject ratio here. Other European countries have implemented fee’s while germany has kept the fee’s the same or have removed it completely. An international student has to pay the same money as a local student pays in the university for education. Here they say. “Education is free for all, no matter where they come from”. All the load from Finland/Sweden where most of the Pakistani students were going , had shifted to germany. So if for the same 50 visa’s there are 500 applicants, You can easily think of the ratio of acceptance and rejection. In issuing the student visa , Only the embassy is not involved but the local authorities and states are involved too. They check for their requirements , how many people can be accommodated/transport facilities etc. and so on. I remember last year , when there were so many new students coming. Accommodation was a real problem , keep international students aside , many local students had to sleep in churches for about two weeks because they just couldn’t find any room to live. The average cost of living per Sqm had increased from 200 avg to 290 euro avg (Darmstadt). Furthermore , the students are not only coming from pakistan , but from india etc too. Than there are the local students and than there are these Huge number of Erasmus exchange students. I see some students are commenting that visa refusal is due to Nato problem etc , some debate that its due to the illegal immigrants. My friend from Bangladesh tells me that from last three months , German embassy in dhaka has not issued even a interview date to the applicants , keep the issuance of visa aside. As the number of applicants increase , the processing time would def. increase with it. Even when you come to germany , the Electronic Residence permit take about 4-7 weeks to arrive.

Now we cannot do anything about how long will they take to process the visa? what we can do from our side is that to apply to the university at the earlier. Say you want to join in September. You must send your application at the end of december or in january. You will get admission letter by post in feb or say in march. You can open bank account and apply for visa in april and you will have enough time even if they take months to process it. I would also like to say that offcourse its very annoying that if everything is complete and still the visa is rejected , it makes no sense. But than again , its their home , its upto them who they let in and who they dont. The only choice we have is that can appeal against it. Using bad language here for them or the people who are already in germany legal/illegal is not going to help anyone. Raising such issues on this forum is beyond the scope of this group. I and many others like me had joined this forum to help students about study and general life questions which you may have for studying in germany. During my application and the rest of others already in germany , we had no such help from other people , no guidance. Last but not the least , i wish everyone get the visa and they come to germany for study but if they dont , we are muslims and i believe that Allah has choosen the best for us and Germany is not the end of the world!.


  • Maria

    Dear Admin,
    I had applied for Student Visa(Bachelors Course) last year in December but my application was rejected stating that my German language knowledge was not sufficient for my intended study in Germany. So I appeared for the A1 language exam at Goethe Maxmueller Bhavan but unfortunately scored 3 marks less than the passing marks. I have my visa interview on 10th May. I’m way to stressed as I have already wasted 1 year of my education behind this process. Do you think they would accept my application for visa? What are my chances? Any tips on not getting rejected this time? please HELP!

    • Walter

      I’m not the admin but I can help. It is clear that with an A1 level you cannot study a problem that is taught in German. They usually require you to have at least B1 for study purpose. If you do want to study in german then I’d advice you to take your time and learn the language in your country or to apply to a language school in germany and learn the language from there.

      However I may suggest you an alternative. If you have a good command of English, why not consider applying for an English Bachelor? At this case the embassy will ask you to hand in your toefl or IELTS (result required: 6.0 overall) result. For this option this is the time to start searching for the right program, write IELTS and apply to a program once you have the result and apply for your visa
      by June, which will allow you 3 months of processing time since winter programs start in October in most universities.
      By the way, when exactly did you receive your rejection letter and in which city is located the university you applied for?

      Happy to help, Wish you Best of Luck

      • Walter is totally right.

        Thank you mate !! :)

      • Maria

        Well I’ve enrolled myself for a German Language Course in Koblenz and already done with the registration process of the course up to B2 level plus I have my valid University admission letter. Every other needs has been arranged too. Now it’s just i’m scared about my language grade from Goethe A1 exam effecting my visa interview. I’m terrified with the imagination of receiving a rejection letter again. would it effect? what if I still want to stick to my ongoing plan? Any advice regarding that?

        And I had my interview done on 4th Dec 15′ and the letter was dispatched from Germany by 15th Jan 16′ which i received by 19th.
        Thanks Walter and the Admin. Means alott! Really.

    • Also , german is not that easy to learn and with A1 you wont be able to follow the lectures. So Try to learn German till b1-b2 and then re-apply or apply for englisch programs as walter has figured out.

  • Walter

    Dear admin I applied for a student applicant visa in December but the ausländerbehörde is still to respond to my embassy. Everything was correct with my application. I missed my admission deadline. Do I still stand a chance to obtain my visa despite this delay and does this delay affect my chance ? The consular was very pleased with my application and my interview.

    • Hello

      These days there is a huge backlog in Germany for visa applications. So sadly you have to wait. If it will not work the embassy would ask you to submit a new admission letter for the coming semester.

    • Kaushik

      Hi Walter,

      I am stuck in a similar condition (applied in February 2016, but the ausländerbehörde hasn’t yet responded to the Consulate). Can you please tell me if you have received your visa yet? If yes, when? I just want to get a rough idea about the extent of backlog that the admin has talked about.


      • Walter

        I obtenained my visa in May. I had to wait for exactly 5 months. Even there, I had to send an e-mail to the right person in the international center of my university about my delay. He’s the one who contacted the immigration office in return and the immigration office responded to the embassy right away. Happy to help.

    • Aqueel

      Hi Walter,

      Did you applied for Student Visa or Student Applicant Visa? I have a question. Was the visa officer stamping on your passport with Visa as D, Date, and the Receipt number after your visa interview was over? I have also applied for Student Applicant Visa and the visa officer stamped on my passport page. I am afraid if that means Rejection because I talked with other applicants who applied for student visa (not student applicant visa) and they said they didn’t get this stamp. Could you please advise. Thank you.

  • Sridevi

    Dear Admin,

    My classes began on March 21st, I had applied for my visa 2 weeks after I got my admission letter after doing the needful of opening a blocked account, etc.
    Feb 17th was my visa interview and till now I got the response as it is processing. My college gave me an extension till May 15th but I am not sure what to do as I have to pay my fees only after the Visa comes and have to go there and enroll. Please guide me.

    Thank you

  • R

    Dear Admin,
    I have been accepted by a university in Germany for masters program. When i went to embassy to ask them whether i will need to get equivalency certificate as I have done O and A levels, they said no. They even said that all that matters is your acceptance letter. but on their website they have explicitly mentioned to submit hec attested documents and when i checked out hec’s website for degree attestation, it said that equivalent certificate of O and A levels are required. What should i do now ? I am really confused. Can you please help me out ?

  • Asad

    Hi,I got admission letter from German university for ms in computer science and I am living in Lahore ,so what procedure will start first ?

  • Youssef

    Hello Admin,
    My name is youssef and I am applying for a student visa from the embassy in Lebanon.
    I have a few questions regarding the interview.
    These are the papers that I have
    -Sperrkonto bank statement that I got from the mail with 8,057 euros in
    -Acceptance letter from TU Illmenau
    -Invitation from F+U berlin for a 8 Week B2 internsive course with apartment offered by the Institute.
    – Grade 12 certificate (International school in Saudi Arabia)
    -B1 Goethe Certificate ( I got 60 in Lesen though, I blame it on my choice of studying german by myself and being nervous in the exam, I hope it won’t be an issue)

    Is there anything else missing ?

    Is it a problem that I went to an International school in Saudi Arabia and not in Lebanon and got my high school diploma from there ?

    Could I bring my original school certificate and let them take copies there at my interview or must I get copies ? If I must get copies , should they be certified copies or should I just simply print out copies of the certificate with my printer of the certificate ?


    • Hi ,

      usually you can see all the documents required on the german embassy website. have you checked it?

      usually ,

      –Originals of all acedemic documents + Copies ( It depends on embassy if they required certified or just copies)
      — Your CV + 2 copies
      — biometric photo’s
      — ORiginal admission letter + copies
      — Bank statment + copies
      — Language certificate for which is chosen for course

      Thats a general one. I would suggest take ALL docuemnts along so if they need , you can provide and with enough copies.

      Cheers and good luck

      • Youssef

        Thanks Admin for the reply
        I did not have the original acceptance letter from the Uni but the interviewer didn’t seem to bother and I did ask recent applicants who did have their visa approved on whether they did the same and they replied with yes.
        So apparently, for the embassy in Lebanon at least, you do not need that.
        One more question though, if the visa takes a while and I am curious about its status, how can I get more info about that dear admin ?
        Thank you

  • Ghanil moradiya

    I am from india and i have applied for student visa for bachelors and it has been 2 months but i havent got any mail from embassy for visa,many of them with me got an reply in month , i am very tensed about my visa. What can i do?
    Give some advise

  • Ali Pourshahidi


    I am Iranian and I have got and Admission letter by a university in Germany for an International Master program but unfortunately my Student Blocked account application was rejected by the Bank .
    Can anyone please kindly guide me on what do I have to do now.


    • Walter

      Why did your application get rejected? Did you legalize the application documents at the German embassy in your home country before sending them to Germany? By application documents I mean a completely and well filled application form and a copy of your passport, both of them should be legalized by the embassy. Also a copy of your admission letter since you have admission now. By the way to which bank did you apply

      • Ali Pourshahidi

        Yes i have legalized my application and passport copy.
        In the reply they mentioned because of Business policy reasons they are unable to manage the desired account.

  • May

    Hi, thanks for this post. I’d like to know if anyone has experience contacting Deutsche bank to ask on the status of your blocked account application?
    I received my admission letter towards the end of last month for this winter admission and sent my blocked account application just last week after getting the documents legalized at the embassy. I’m worried about the timeline now as i only have about 3 weeks from now to the date for my visa application appointment and from that point, about one month to get the visa so that i can arrive in Germany as the term begins.

    Reading the posts above, i wonder if i can even make it to enrol this term or is there any other way to apply for visa without the blocked account if i have difficulty contacting them or waiting for a reply?

    Thank you.

    • hello ,

      Well , you can try sending them email but they have so many applications so it will take sometime to answer. The only option left with applicants is to apply sooner for admission so that they can start the bank opening and blocking money as soon as possible with enough time for visa


      • May

        Is there any other option that can be considered if the blocked account is rejected? I am being sponsored but there was no requirement to include a sponsorship letter in the application so i just sent bank statements which according to the bank was not sufficient. I am devastated as my visa interview is next week and didnt expect to get this rejection.

  • Aneel ahmed

    Hello admin,
    I need your help i have been selected by three universities till now by haw hamburg, FH sudwestfalen and otto von university of magdeburg for winter semester, i have 3 questions
    1. Is visa issued in germany through university ranking?
    2. Does open admission course and restricted admission course play any role in getting visa coz i have been selected by in magdeburg uni through restricted criteria for bs in business economics?
    3.iam selected for bachelor course in all universities in english mode is it tough to get visa for bachelor study or not?

    • 1) University ranking has nothing to do with VISA rejection / acceptance
      2) Depends on what restriction you have e-g if they ask for German language you have to show it to the embassy. Other then that , if you fullfill all the conditions then it doenst matter.

      3) No-one could tell you!. depends how your visa application goes.

      • Aneel ahmed

        Dear admin
        I need your help here today i got email from Deutsche bank that your account rejected due missing admission letter even i send every thing my father’s bank statement, my passport copy and admission letter, now again i have to restart bank process can you tell me is admission letter is important or enrollment letter because i have seen lots of comments from db Facebook page about rejection of db account.

        • Aneel ahmed

          Can local db bank in karachi pakistan help regarding this block account opening?

          • I dont think so. Only Germany DB deals with the student accounts

          • Aneel ahmed

            Dear admin
            I know iam disturbing you alot, but one last question, on embassy website its written that there should be 5 weeks gap between interview and start of semester/ enrollment my last date of enrollment is 31st oct 2016 and classes will start from 10 oct 2016 now as my account is rejected so i will apply again and my visa interview date is 6 oct will they not accept my application because gap between my classes and interview date is 4 weeks and 5 days?

          • Normally they say apply for next semester in such situations. Well i would say , try your luck with embassy , if they accept your application and ask you to submit the blocking letter few days later , that could work too.

            I would suggest you to contact the embassy about this!!..


          • Aneel ahmed

            Oops not 6 0ct but 6th of sep well there will be 1 month and 4 days gap and thanx alot for helping

          • Ejaz Ahmed

            sparkasse bank also deal student block account and they give reply soon

  • zfar Mahmood

    Hi admin,
    I have applied for the visa for upcoming winter semester but there is a problem In the received docs from Deutsche Bank regarding my DB account, they have mistakenly entered my Date in DOB wrong. Although its been approx a month that i am querying the bank using their contact form but unfortunately there is no response from them. I am getting really worried about my visa process with this mistake that i haven’t made.

    • Hey Mahmood.

      Considering DB is really slow in processing , i dont know if they will correct it and let you know!.. Fingers crossed for you!..

      If you have a copy of the original form , perhaps could show that to the embassy!..

      Good luck!

      • zfar Mahmood

        @admin Thanks a lot for the reply,

        Yes with my visa application I have submitted a special letter of “Whom it may concern” describing the whole situation along with all the exchanged emails and first page of filled referenced DB account opening form,

        Well this getting me stressed out day by day (hard to explain)

  • Miscellaneous

    Hi admin,

    Aside from a blocked account, do they accept other forms of financial proof? E.g. bank statements, parent income. I don’t think I can open a blocked account in time for my visa appointment :(

  • Tenzin

    hi ,
    i am a TIbetan refugee staying in India and i have got admission letter from german university. my course starts probably in septmeber or october and my visa interview is on 12 of september. Does being a refugee hinders the chances of gettting a study permit visa?.. thank you

  • Simran Wadhera

    Hello admin’
    I just want to know that how many years work permit will i get after completing by bachelor degree from germany and how can i extend my work permit

  • Mariya

    Hi, My request got rejected as well but my question is do I ahve to show the embassy that rejection letter? They emailed me on an incorrect email id and I didnt know for weeks until I called them

  • Abdullateef Mashta

    Hi admin :

    My study visa is rejected by ausländerbehörde amt .. and the reasons that i need an evidance or proof of motivation .. and they appreciate that i am just escape from the bad circumstances in my country .. in addition i have a master degree and no need to other master .. and no sufficent knowladge of german language .. ok : i have replys for all these reasons .. for example my last master was qualification and specialisation not in science .. and i cant continue phd depending on it .. and now i reach to level b1 but at local institute because goethe is closed in syria .. ect .. the question is : can i appeal on the decision and how? Where can i send the appeal letter and via email or post? What you suggest please? Reapplying or appeal or what ? Do i have appeal to ausländer or auswärtiges amt of botschaft ? Thank you

  • Raymond


    My appointment date is 16.09.2016 and my classes will start on 10th of october is there any issue embassy will create ??

    • Jaylee

      Hello, please tell me how your interview went. I had similar issue and is still waiting to hear from the embassy. My interview was on the 25th of September and my classes we will start on the 17th of October.

  • Ejaz Ahmed

    hi I am Ejaz AND i Have recently got rejected of study visa any one can tell me may i go to apeal side or not?

  • James

    Why was it rejected ?

  • Momin

    dear admin, first of all i would like to say kudos for the good work you’re doing ,and forums like these are a big help for people in stress and confusion. Now i have some questions that are bugging me.

    1) I dont know german at all, So could i apply for an english undergrad degree and get the visa without any german exam and such. And if yes, would it hurt my visa chances if dont know german ?
    i can easily get 7 bands in IELTS.

    2)And would it increase my visa chances if i enroll in german learning class aswell in germany, is that even possible?

    3) Can i bear the living cost only by working there, or would my parents need to support me? And is it possible to get admission in a free course if i only had 50% in my

    4)Is visa success ration better than australia and canada?

    I would be VERY thank full for your reply and help. :)

  • Vashu

    Hi guys!
    I am from India. I had decided to study in Germany and hence with all the documents I had applied for interview. My interview was on 20th September. My documents included GOETHE A1 certificate (90 punkte) , my fee receipt from a school in Germany where I will be studying German language, my insurance papers, bank block account 9365 euro, my admission letter from TU BERLIN etc my interview was quite good. I had to write a test for german language and had to fill a questionnaire. I have applied for a Bachelors course. Can u please tell me what are my chances to get visa. Bitte helfen Sie mir!

  • Ali

    Dear admin is it still possible to get approved for a student visa if the date for my aufmahmepruefung for the studienkolleg has passed ?

  • Muhammad awam irfan

    My son is studying in bs computer sciences in lahore and he is contemplating to bs in information engineering from Hamburg university after completion his present beaches or degree.his this degree shall be completed in 2017 and he is late for one seamester only and his cgpa may be 2.7/4.would you please let me know his visa acceptance if he gets admission letter from the said university.

  • James

    Dear admin,
    The embassy called me saying they want 3 things from me. They want me to get a paper from my language school saying I’m still gonna do a German course even though the original course date passed. And also they want me to add 583 euros to my account balance at sparrkasse. They also want me to get a 6 month health insurance.
    And after I get all of those they want me to come to the embassy and give them the papers at 12:30.
    Does that mean my visa was accepted ? Or will they take these papers and call me after another month ?

  • Dr khan

    Dear Admin ,
    I am Pakistani Citizen with romanian resitandce card ( family of EU).
    I have applied for a D category Visa but haven’t heard any news from the German embassy in bucharest. I applied in August and it’s more thn 4 months now.
    My visa application was for laguage visa with later extension.
    i have no idea , how long would it take more.
    what would u suggest me to do in this situation ?
    I hope to hear from u soon.
    Dr Khan

  • shahzad

    hello sir
    I applied for bachelor in germany. I have A2 level deutsch certificate which I passed from goethe institut lahore, and am also going to appear in ielts very soon… do you think that am ble to get admission and visa of germany?
    and I actually want to know that I have 14 years graduation degree on the behalf of me going to study in bachelor degree in germany. is this competative?

  • shahzad

    I have A2 level deutsch of goethe insitut lahore.
    am going to appear in ielts very soon.
    I have 14 years graduation.
    will this help me to take admission in bachelor program in germany and also visa?

  • Brijesh

    Dear admin,

    I have done my visa interview on 24rh November 2016. There has been around 54days after interview but i didn’t get reply than i went to german consulate to know my application status. So they have gave me my visa rejection letter. Ther reason is there is below

    – due to the your achievement so far , there is doubt if you will be able to complete the language course ans studies in a timely and perposeful frame work.
    -it is recommended that you obtain the necessary german language skills in India at a german institute.

    My results are below

    Plz i want to know what should i do now?
    If i take another visa date and give interview with different university admission will i get rejection on same reason or is there achance of getting my visa on second time interview?

    Plz reply and suggest me the right way. Plz i really want to know.

    • Aqueel

      Hi Brijesh,

      What kind of visa you applied for? Was it a normal student visa or Student Applicant Visa? Which German consulate you approached to enquire about your visa (Consulate in India or Local office in Germany)? How was your interview? Did they stamp your passport with date, visa type as D and fee paid receipt number after you were done with interview? Was your plan to do the language class and then enroll for studies? Your answer could help me give you answer.

      • Brijesh

        I have applied for student long term visa the consulate is in india. Interview was good enough. Ya they stampes at my passport with circle marks on D and 4. They gave me also the receipt of fees paid. Yes my plan was first do my language at that university and after that do studies at that university. Plz help me for figuring this out.

        • Aqueel

          Hi Brijesh,
          If you were not already having the admission letter from University, then you should have applied for student applicant visa and not normal student visa. Correct me, did you already had admission letter from uni? Secondly, what is that 4 you have mentioned in the stamp. Do you find the fee paid receipt number also in the stamp? Third, A1 and A2 percentages that you have mentioned, are they official exams you took or that’s attendance percentage? I believe you are applying for Master program and the CGPA mentioned is of your bachelor?

          • Brijesh

            Yes i have the conditional addmission letter of university and i am applying for master degree. My a1 and a2 percentage is of goethe exam result. Plz help me for figuring this out.

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