German Student Visa Rejection

I see students saying that German embassy has gone messy and they are rejecting so many applications. Consider this scenario (Example) Till last year , embassy was giving about 50 visa’s for winter semester and the number of applicants were about 70. It means that only 20 cases got rejected in winter semester. Since this group had not many students last year , not many people shared their actually accept/reject ratio here. Other European countries have implemented fee’s while germany has kept the fee’s the same or have removed it completely. An international student has to pay the same money as a local student pays in the university for education. Here they say. “Education is free for all, no matter where they come from”. All the load from Finland/Sweden where most of the Pakistani students were going , had shifted to germany. So if for the same 50 visa’s there are 500 applicants, You can easily think of the ratio of acceptance and rejection. In issuing the student visa , Only the embassy is not involved but the local authorities and states are involved too. They check for their requirements , how many people can be accommodated/transport facilities etc. and so on. I remember last year , when there were so many new students coming. Accommodation was a real problem , keep international students aside , many local students had to sleep in churches for about two weeks because they just couldn’t find any room to live. The average cost of living per Sqm had increased from 200 avg to 290 euro avg (Darmstadt). Furthermore , the students are not only coming from pakistan , but from india etc too. Than there are the local students and than there are these Huge number of Erasmus exchange students. I see some students are commenting that visa refusal is due to Nato problem etc , some debate that its due to the illegal immigrants. My friend from Bangladesh tells me that from last three months , German embassy in dhaka has not issued even a interview date to the applicants , keep the issuance of visa aside. As the number of applicants increase , the processing time would def. increase with it. Even when you come to germany , the Electronic Residence permit take about 4-7 weeks to arrive.

Now we cannot do anything about how long will they take to process the visa? what we can do from our side is that to apply to the university at the earlier. Say you want to join in September. You must send your application at the end of december or in january. You will get admission letter by post in feb or say in march. You can open bank account and apply for visa in april and you will have enough time even if they take months to process it. I would also like to say that offcourse its very annoying that if everything is complete and still the visa is rejected , it makes no sense. But than again , its their home , its upto them who they let in and who they dont. The only choice we have is that can appeal against it. Using bad language here for them or the people who are already in germany legal/illegal is not going to help anyone. Raising such issues on this forum is beyond the scope of this group. I and many others like me had joined this forum to help students about study and general life questions which you may have for studying in germany. During my application and the rest of others already in germany , we had no such help from other people , no guidance. Last but not the least , i wish everyone get the visa and they come to germany for study but if they dont , we are muslims and i believe that Allah has choosen the best for us and Germany is not the end of the world!.


  • Bajrang

    Hello Admin, please Help
    I need some serious help about German Student Visa. Some of the advisers say that if there is inconsistency in your studies then there will be very few chances of getting student visa. In my case I have done my Bachelor of Computer Application(from India) and want to apply for BEng in logistics in a Germany. That doesn’t sound consistent with my background, because I am applying for another bachelor degree in another field. Should I HIDE my BCA degree When applying for BEng in Logistic. Given that I have some work experience in the transport and logistics. please guide.
    Thanks in Advance

    • Alok

      Yes, honestly your chances are very less to get a visa though you may get your admit from the university. Visa officers would see that as inconsistent career choices of yours and reject the application straight away. I wish, i could have explained things in detail as i have gone through this. Please consult an expert.

    • Alok

      If you hide your BCA, how do you justify 3 years spent for that degree? If visa officials get any iota of doubt regarding the profile, the chances are next to impossible. Please be honest to the best of your knowledge. We can connect over the email. i can help you.

  • aqeel

    hi i apply for student visa my interview is on 15 dec but still the embassy can not reply meye or information about my visa kindly tell meye what can i do my classes start on 6 feb

    • aqeel

      plz help meye

      • AK

        You should call the consulate where you submitted your application and ask them for the status. Let them know your course start date. You will be able to know the status mostly. If not you can write an email or phone the local immigration office of your university in Germany.



    I have got admission to study Master in Entrepreneurship in Germany. I already have MBA degree from London and now working as Marketing Consultant in my country, INDIA.

    Can you please tell me is this master in Entrepreneurship show study connection or career progression with MBA. Actually, I wish to start my own business and would like to learn about business innovation and entrepreneurship.

    I HEARD German Embassy can refuse visa if course do not match with previous studies


    • Alok

      Harmeet, Since you already have an MBA, you can expect much questions from visa officials regarding your intentions behind your planned studies. Since MBA and entrepreneurship are closely aligned, IMO that shouldn’t complicate your chances of getting student visa.

      • HARMEET

        I understand, but my MBA was general and more on the basis of marketing, financial analysis and strategies to be a manager, but on the other side entrepreneurship is a totally new way to learn that how one can start his own business.

        Do you think it will work? or it is not very convincing

        • AK

          This will obviously be one of the question from the visa officer. You have to be very confident and connect the dots in such a way that it is convincing. MBA already gives you the base to become an entrepreneur. So you can modulate your answer which gives you the edge. All the best.

    • itsme

      I’m in a very similar situation. Did you get your visa?


    or I should choose fields like master supply chain or marketing …….

    as business am planning will need both

  • saqib malik

    Hi folks,
    I was in Paris 3 months back where I got fined for not having the ticket in the RATP metro. I did not pay the fine. Now I want to apply for a student visa for Masters in Germany. Do you think this fine is going to haunt me ? Would it show up in my history during the back ground check since it was within the Schengen zone? Please guide me.

  • Akash

    I have a master in mechanical and i am working in quality department in a company in india i have a gap of one year in my bachler and master what are my chances

  • Brulo

    Hi admin.
    I had my interview on the 28th of February 2017. Last date for enrolment is March 20. What are the chances?

    • pff. a little bit less time i guess. ask your university to give you extension

      • Brulo

        Thanks admin. Anyways, one week after my interview I got a call to bring proof that I could enroll before the 20th March since on my admission letter the school said I was to send documents for registration before the 28 Feb. I did all these, sent the documents, and got a certification from the school that I had done all except the personal enrolment to be done on or before March 20. I handed this certification to the consulate on Wednesday. Saw two missed calls from them this afternoon. I called back but they didn’t pick….

  • Raj

    Hi guys
    I applied student visa for learning german language in konstanz .
    I showed tham block account and all necessary documents too but the person who took my responsibility to pay the necessary thinks is from Switzerland .
    She is a frnd of mine .
    My interview was ok because he asked me about the this women who took my responsibility all the time .
    Is that a problem if she took my responsibility for the embassy .??
    Because I don’t have any problems with finance I showed tham more then enough.
    I was in Germany before for 45 days.
    I have done German language too until B1.
    Now I am nervous because of my interview and about my host from Switzerland.

  • Vanessa

    Hello Admin! I need a reply because this is serious.
    I want to study in Germany and have booked for my language course! everything is done and ready like the fees for the language school has been paid, the blocked account along with the money has been deposited, etc. But whilst filling out the national visa form I made a mistake which made me come under the category of ‘language course WITH subsequent university studies’ (I WANTED TO COME UNDER THE OTHER CATEGORY) and the embassy mailed me saying my documents are incomplete and want me to submit an admission letter from university. Anyways, I sent out NEW national visa forms and submitted my passport 2-3 weeks ago and have heard NOTHING since. I mailed them thrice, called them up, even visited the embassy but they know nothing. My language course starts on the 3rd of April and I started the process in January, do you think I could get my visa well in time or not and like what is wrong? Please tell me. Kind regards, Vanessa.

    • Hi ,

      Is there any update on your visa?

      • Vanessa

        My application was incomplete so they couldn’t process the application further. I wrote a letter, cancelled the application, got my passport back and booked an appointment again on the 9th and this time I filled it all correctly :) I’m positive this time there won’t be any problems!

  • Sam

    Hi ,i had my visa interview few days ago and i applied to a second master in germany ,i have got my first one – my EMBA Executive master in business administration from syria GPA 80.75% ,and here in syria we dont have executive doctorate only a research phd is available which i cant apply for,so i applied for a second master in asia economic and i explained the reason for applying to a second master in my motivation letter ,do you think this would be a reason for refusal ,all other REQs are acheived

    • Hello,

      Sorry but there are no definite trends in visa issuance and such statistics are not made public. So depends on case to case!

  • ThaGodfather

    How long does the Ausländerbehörde take to confirm Student VISA applications?

  • Muhammad Awais Qarni

    Dear Admin,

    i submitted my visa application on 16th March and my enrollment date is 21st of April, which i had already extended from 6th April. what do u think, what are my chances?

  • Syed Kazim ALi KAzmi

    Hello. I need your help. I got a rejection on account of this statement (Google translation : The securing of the livelihood for the intended length of stay in the federal territory was not credible). could you tell me what could n=be the next logical step?

  • Jerryn

    The names on my School leaving certificate and Bachelor Certificate is slightly different.
    eg. AB C DE and ABC DE But Ihave made a Same person Affidavit for the same recently.
    Will it affect my Visa interview…..? Is it ok if I submit the affidavit?

    • AK

      The name mismatch is no way a hindrance for your visa process. If University has accepted and given you admission then it is not going to be a problem.

  • Ramya

    I am going to do my second Masters in Information and Communication systems in Germany. I have already completed my bachelor in electronics and communication engg. and masters in nanoscience and technology. I would like to do my PhD in nano communication using graphene. So I need a brief knowledge on communication as well. Will this affect in getting student visa? Please help me

  • bhargav barot

    my interview was completed on 30 may today is 11 july still I don’t receive any answer from embassy. so what can I do next? pls help me

  • bhargav barot

    I applied for long term student visa it is almost 1.5 months from where I will get my answer from embassy?

  • bhargav

    I also took admission in German language school leading to my master’s program in Germany so I don’t learn German language here in India I put my language offer letter in my documents so hope it will not make any prblm for getting my visa approval m I right??

  • bhargav barot

    helo pls reply me if anyone know

  • Kunal

    I would like to know the possibility of securing admission in B.A in Information and Communication Design in Germany with a score as low as 39% in 10+2 and no further education. I am 24 and have been working since I finished school and I am really looking for any kind of help I can get to be able to study in Germany.

    I will really appreciate your help and feedback.

  • Tooba

    Hi, I hope you are doing great.
    I wanted to ask, about the undergraduate program. Like I want to study in Germany, I am going to start my Language course in the coming week. I wanted to ask how many chances do I got to enter in the foundation year? I secured 77 (percentage) in my 1st Year and InshAllah I will increase this percentage by getting good marks in 2nd Year. My result is going to come out in September. Like I got enough information regarding the undergraduate program. The foundation Year, GRE for TUM etc. I wanted to ask how much chances are there for me to get the student visa on this percentage.

  • ajay

    last week my visa application was rejected with the reason saying that they strongly doubt that i can not finish my course in due time … can the reject the application on the basis of their prediction….and what are the chances of accepting if i will remonstrate again

    • Joe

      Can you give us some more details on your application ? Did you already posses a B1 certificate ? What course did you apply for ?


    I have applied for MASTER IN PHYSICS.
    can I change my course into BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING after getting my visa or reaching there?

  • Randeep Singh

    I have applied for student visa on 23 aug 2017 and my course already started and i m loosing on my classes. I enquired with embassy they have told it is pending for consideration in Alien’s office. i don’t know how much time they will take to process the visa. what is need to be done.
    please anyone help.


    PLEASE HELP ME. I have attented my interview on 29th September and my class begins at 6 November but i told them that it is on 5 November and also i have only 62% marks in CBSE board examination will i get a visa please reply me…. ???


    PLEASE HELP ME. I have attented my interview on 29th September and my class begins at 6 November but i told them that it is on 5 November and also i have only 62% marks in CBSE board examination will i get a visa please reply me…. ??? please reply me


    PLEASE HELP ME. I have attented my interview on 29th September and my class begins at 6 November but i told them that it is on 5 November and also i have only 62% marks in CBSE board examination will i get a visa please reply me…. ??? please reply me my accommodation is booked and i have enough money in the bank account please help me

  • Muhammad Owais Akber

    Dear All,
    I am from Pakistan, Actually, I am going to apply for bachelors degree in textile Engineering In Germany. But problem is that I completed my DAE( Diploma of Associate Engineering In textile) in 2007, after that I started my job in same Textile field, I have study gap of 10 years, But i have a work experience of 10 years in textile field. so, I have any chance to get study Visa of Germany? Pls. reply…

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