List of Documents required sequence in German Embassy(Islamabad)

DONOT PAY THE PHOTOCOPIER MONEY FOR ARRANGING THE DOCUMENTS , DO IT YOURSELF WILL TAKE FEW MINUTES For Student Visa   Three complete sets of documents are required in the following format / seqence. i.e. Please attach all original academic certificates, experience certificates, admission letter, bank documents, 1 resume with one visa application form, make two complete copies of first […]

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Student-Zusatz , Anlage 3 – Fragebogen langfristiger Aufenthalt – After Submitting Visa Application

after submitting your “Student Visa Application” at German Embassy, Pakistan, they might e-mail you, the very next day or later, two documents namely,   1. Student-Zusatz 2. Anlage 3 – Fragebogen langfristiger Aufenthalt   Special Notes:   These two documents are to be filled by the applicant and e-mailed back to them immediately. If you fail to reply to that […]

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Appeal For visa Rejection

Well Embassy don’t give any reason when one’s visa got rejected. But One should at-least appeal also called “Remonstration”.   Firstly Embassy will advise to remonstrate within one month.   One have to write embassy in written to give you reason as soon as you get rejection letter. Wait for three weeks and if no response come from Embassy just […]

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