German Student Visa Rejection

I see students saying that German embassy has gone messy and they are rejecting so many applications. Consider this scenario (Example) Till last year , embassy was giving about 50 visa’s for winter semester and the number of applicants were about 70. It means that only 20 cases got rejected in winter semester. Since this group had not many students last year , not many people shared their actually accept/reject ratio here. Other European countries have implemented fee’s while germany has kept the fee’s the same or have removed it completely. An international student has to pay the same money as a local student pays in the university for education. Here they say. “Education is free for all, no matter where they come from”. All the load from Finland/Sweden where most of the Pakistani students were going , had shifted to germany. So if for the same 50 visa’s there are 500 applicants, You can easily think of the ratio of acceptance and rejection. In issuing the student visa , Only the embassy is not involved but the local authorities and states are involved too. They check for their requirements , how many people can be accommodated/transport facilities etc. and so on. I remember last year , when there were so many new students coming. Accommodation was a real problem , keep international students aside , many local students had to sleep in churches for about two weeks because they just couldn’t find any room to live. The average cost of living per Sqm had increased from 200 avg to 290 euro avg (Darmstadt). Furthermore , the students are not only coming from pakistan , but from india etc too. Than there are the local students and than there are these Huge number of Erasmus exchange students. I see some students are commenting that visa refusal is due to Nato problem etc , some debate that its due to the illegal immigrants. My friend from Bangladesh tells me that from last three months , German embassy in dhaka has not issued even a interview date to the applicants , keep the issuance of visa aside. As the number of applicants increase , the processing time would def. increase with it. Even when you come to germany , the Electronic Residence permit take about 4-7 weeks to arrive.

Now we cannot do anything about how long will they take to process the visa? what we can do from our side is that to apply to the university at the earlier. Say you want to join in September. You must send your application at the end of december or in january. You will get admission letter by post in feb or say in march. You can open bank account and apply for visa in april and you will have enough time even if they take months to process it. I would also like to say that offcourse its very annoying that if everything is complete and still the visa is rejected , it makes no sense. But than again , its their home , its upto them who they let in and who they dont. The only choice we have is that can appeal against it. Using bad language here for them or the people who are already in germany legal/illegal is not going to help anyone. Raising such issues on this forum is beyond the scope of this group. I and many others like me had joined this forum to help students about study and general life questions which you may have for studying in germany. During my application and the rest of others already in germany , we had no such help from other people , no guidance. Last but not the least , i wish everyone get the visa and they come to germany for study but if they dont , we are muslims and i believe that Allah has choosen the best for us and Germany is not the end of the world!.


  • ahmad

    Thanks for the help. Above link is really useful. I was just curious. Why don’t they send these forms to all the applicants?

  • Nizmy

    Hi..I’m Sri Lankan and I have applied for my Germany student visa on 22nd April 2013. I had the interview the same day and 3 weeks later I was asked via email to send them my cv , what I wanna study in Germany and why I chose Germany. I have provide all of the above request and yet there is no sign of the visa. I have contacted the German embassy Riyadh and as per them ‘ awaiting approval from Germany’. I have asked my colleague to contact the foreign office in Germany but he wasn’t given a clear can I get a final result..Is my visa rejected? I’m frustrated..I thought Germany was all well organised. Can you give me a solution? FYI I have applied for my visa from Saudi Arabia..

    • admin

      Hi Nizmy,
      Unfortunately the system of visa for germany is not so fast as your application has to go through various authorizations etc , so during the the peak time i-e before the semester beginings there is sometimes huge delay in it.

      I would suggest you to contact the Rauthaus/Auslanderbehorde of the city your university , if they say they have already verified it , then your application is with teh German fedearl office in berlin , perhaps you should contact them ( write them in german) , i hope it helps.

      • Nizmy

        Hi admin. Thanks a lot for the response. Could this delay also mean a rejection of visa?

        • admin

          Not at all. i have heard people getting visa after about 3-4 months too. If you are getting too late , ask your university for a extension letter. Or if its getting TOO late , tell them to differ your admission for the next intake.

  • anusha

    Hi admin,

    I am from pharmacy background got admit in german university.i had my visa interview on 18th july and it was really cool i explained everything what vo ask for but she stressed on my original degree i said that i will get it in a week she said ok.I had received rejection after 2 weeks without mentioning the proper reason.So i again applied on 5th september with my original degree and every document,but still i have not received my passport.I have mailed to auslanderbehorde they said dat havent received my application yet and asked me to enquire with embassy really worried a lot…can u say wat i have to do now.The embassy people are not giving reply to mails nor calls.

    • admin

      Dear Anusha ,

      I am sorry for that they refused it for the first time. What reasons did they give you for the first time? how much time did they take to refuse for the first time ? Also , How did the interview go for the second time?


      • anusha

        Hi admin,

        They just gave me a list of possible reasons like missing docs,culinary experience,spouse passport,refusal for interview,etc etc.sounds like wierd right..??I have called up the consulate too and they said that the reasons were confidential still i dont understand the reason.They took 2 weeks of time to return my passport with rejection.The interview for the second time was too good she said that i will get my passport in a week,bt still am waiting for it…sorry for the late reply ..:)

        • admin

          Dear Anusha ,
          I agree with you , these are stupid reasons. I would suggest you to write a letter to them , mention your interview date and the case number etc and all other relevant information and ask for the reason for the rejection of the visa and sign it. They will then later tell you the actual reasons , hence you can work on improving the reasons and apply again.
          Also you can check this link:

  • Saad

    Hi Admin,

    Firstly, It’s a wonderful site and I would really Appreciate your effort to helping the students from all around the world.

    Actually I applied for Student Visa last year in July 2012, I got admission in March and I received acceptance letter from University in May after that, I fulfilled other procedure and got submit my case on July 2nd, 2012. However, after 2 Weeks I received phone call from Embassy said they program was in German and I haven’t learnt the language so they rejected my case.
    As per their instruction, I tried to Learn German A1 here in Karachi from Goethe but due to strikes and other situation, I could not continue therefore my friend from Germany Advise me to Come here and learn German here after completion I could reapply in my University.
    Therefore I re-apply again on September 2, 2013 with admission letter which I received from German Language Institute in Munich, the Interview went very well the Lady remembered me so she just took my interview in 2 mins asked me 3 Question and then se said October 10 is ok to issue the Visa and took my thumb Expression. On 25 Sep, I sent them mail to inquire about my Visa status she replied
    Dear Student,

    thank you for your mail,

    we still don’t have the clearance for your visa
    we will inform you as soon as we can make your passport ready

    best regards


    Today is October 1st, Still don’t have any news. Could you please let me know what will happen? Am I rejecting again? I’m really worried

    Appreciate your earliest reply,

    Many Thanks in Advance


    • admin

      Dear Saad,

      Try to email the Auslanderbehorde ( Rauthaus ) of the city you applied in. Generally a student should not do it , but during extreme cases one could. Ask them , the status of the application and giving your details. Hopefully they will tell you whats going on , If they have approved it , its with Federal foreigners office. If you wont hear sooner , try to contact them too.
      one thing i want to mention is that , you CANNOT convert the language school visa to a long term Category D visa ( Residence permit ) , please verify this with the consulate. This means that when your language finishes , you have to go back to pakistan and re-apply for visa. is it worth it? But as i said , please verify it first.

  • Mahesh

    Dear Team,

    I have received admit from university of Magedburg.I applied for the visa from Bangalore around 2nd week of Aug.I have not yet received any communication from them.
    When I called the German consulate in Bangalore, they told me ,its in processing in Germany.
    Its more than 6 weeks now and my classes start in oct 10.Is there any way I can understand that my visa is approved/rejected?
    My other friends who applied much later than me, that is around sept first week got their visa today.
    I had all the documents and the Bangalore office people told me that, if there was any document irregularity, I would be getting a call.
    But its nearly 7 weeks now !

    Kindly provide some inputs


    • admin

      Hi ,
      The German Federal foreign ministry and the local foreign office of the university you applied in , has also a say in your visa decision. what you can do is that email the auslanderbehorde (Rauthhaus) of your concerned city and ask them about the visa details. Most of the time they will tell you about it, if they have approved it , then your application will be with the Federal office berlin.
      Hopefully you will hear back from consulate soon.


      • Sunny mehta

        Hello admin,
        Kind regards
        I am Sunny mehta from gujarat.i applied for student national visa at mumbai consulate on 24th august 2016.but i got rejection letter after 2 months with the reason of there are doubts on intention of your stay ?
        Can you help me out in this matter ?
        What can i do now ? Bcz i think for sure they will give me this reason again and will not approv my visa.
        Any advise.
        Thank you.

        • Aqueel

          Hi Sunny,

          Were you applying again for the student visa? Also did the visa officer stamped in your passport page with Visa type as D and date and receipt number after you were done with the visa interview when you applied the first time?

  • Mithun

    Hi Admin

    I have been selected for PhD with graduate school Stipend for Heidelberg University. I have applied for Visa on 15th September in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I have included CV and other educational and work documents with my application. I was wondering, since i have graduate school stipend of 1400 Euro per month, do i need to show blocked bank account.

    For PhD studies, how long does the Visa process takes. Is it same as 4-6 weeks?? just like any other student visa. I was bit concerned as my expected start date is on 21st October.


    • admin

      Dear Mithun ,
      You dont need to show a blocked account. The visa processing is the same for all the students. Hopefully you will hear back from them soon.

      • Mithun

        HI Admin..

        Thanks. Going through forum i have seen people emailing auslanderbehorde of the University town. How can i find the email id. I google for auslanderbehorde of Heidelberg and found this id along with several ID . I emailed but no reply yet. Can you advice please on the email of auslanderbehorde of heidelberg city or how to find them.


        • admin

          Hi mithun:
          Stadt Heidelberg
          Rathaus, Marktplatz 10
          69117 Heidelberg

          06221 58-10580

          • Mithun

            Hi admin

            Thanks a lot. I got a call from German embassy asking me to submit my passport and give them a date of intended travel to Germany. Hope that’s a positive note.

            They never asked to show ticket. Is tickets mandatory or I just need to tell them intended date if travel to Germany.

            Thanks a lot for all your suggestions

          • admin

            congratulations , thats a positive reply

  • sreekanth

    Hi admin,

    Is there any one attended VISA interview 2nd time and got approval from them chennai consulate?
    I am from mechanical background and gonna to pursue masters in CS.finally I got admin in paid univ i.e SRH Hochschule University,hiedelberg in CS field and got visa appointment on July 23,rejected for the first time stating that JUSTIFICATION OF MY PURPOSE AND THE STAY WAS NOT RELIABLE and again reapplied on Sept 5th and the 2nd time interview was really cool and explained answers to VO which she posed to me and still not yet received my passport.I don’t know what they do with my PP.Do u know any idea about this? plz helfen mir bruder…

    • admin

      Dear sreekanth,

      If you corrected the problem with the first rejection. chances are that you will get visa this time. Your background may cause problem but if you ensure the visa officer that you can continue in CS it shouldnt be a problem

  • sreekanth

    Hai Admin,

    I gave relevant answers to the questions which she was posed to me but i submit same cover letter without changing anything for the 2nd time will it be problem?
    here My 2nd visa experience
    1.which course?
    masters of computer science.
    2. y germany?
    Germany is birth place for SAP.Germany is one of the best country which offering the sap is much more systematic ,secure and finacially stable.Unlike USA i haven’t found any tri-valley situation in germany.
    3.what is tri-valley situation?
    nothing but running a fake university.
    4.y rejected for the first time?
    i was very nervous so i could not explain properly for my entire purpose of masters to germany.
    after this answer she smiled .

    nice meeting you madam.

    • admin

      looks promising , if interview was the only reason you got rejected , perhaps you have improved in this deparmtnet.

  • sreekanth

    hai admin

    may i know whay they are taking so much time ..its been a month i haven’t recieve my PP yet…

  • pu_engr

    My classes start on 15 oct. Infact they have started already but still I am waiting for visa and its been over a month since I applied. Also they made me fill couple of forms after my visa appointment/interview via email. How much time is expected in this case (i.e. when they ask to fill the forms).

  • ali

    Dear sir i hve applied for the student visa in the german embassy for few weeks back. i got a rejection from an embassy nd i m so much disappointed after tht however my all the documents litreallie matched accordin to the embassy requirment (blocked account, language course etc). nd 1 thing more tht there z a gap of 4 years between my intermediate nd applyin date to the embassy so could it be a reason of refusal?
    nd i m goin to appeal for tht so plz also tell me tht what necessary things shuld i do nd how much chances of approval z there for visa.
    plz send me the details as soon as possible i,ll be very thankful to u

    • admin

      Hi ,

      sorry to hear that ,
      Please first ask the embassy for the reasons of rejection. Correct them and then re-apply. Or if you want to appeal you can submit that too. the gap generally doesnt matter

  • Hamid


    I submitted my file for visa on 22 august 2013 and my classes had to begin from 1st of october which i mentioned to the embassy as i didn’t get visa I asked Freie university Berlin for extension they gave me extension for 2 weeks. i didn’t get visa during this time as well. So i asked them for extension again and they gave me extension for two weeks again that is till 25th October, Though the classes had already been started and i haven’t get visa yet and i dont want to loose my admission too, as Freie university Berlin has one intake a year… What should i do?

    • admin

      If you cannot make it , ask them if they enroll in the summer semester ? if not , you will have to tell them to differ your admission to the next intake , whenever it is , i dont know if there is another option available. did you inquire embassy about your visa status?>

      • Hamid

        I inquire the status of my visa from embassy they stated with as usual reason that it isn’t clear from the German foreign affairs yet. As far as the university is concerned I asked them only to extend my dates of enrollment up to now. I don’t know about their policies. I need to know, will they deffer my admission to the next semester or next intake easily? because i don’t want to apply again and again to the universities for admission to be frank..

        • admin

          Dear Hamid ,
          The differing of admission is fairly a simple procedure. Just inform your university that due to visa delay you will not be able to join the university this semester ( Also hint them how much extension they can offer you the maximum). They will differ your admission to the next possible intake. In most university you dont need to re-apply again for admission. Ask your studenet/admission office of your university for more details.

  • nikkie

    Hey admin…I recently applied for a language course visa for 1yr.I did that when my language courses had already began.I tried applying early but my applications were rejected because i had to submit additional documents.Plus the Kenyan lady was quite rude and could not let me even explain myself leave alone not providing any assistance.Is the processing period equal for both language and Study visa?If they take 3 mnths in visa processing,my course will already be over.I dont want the language course fees to go into waste.Can u advise?

    • admin

      Hi ,
      I dont know whats wrong with the rude behavior of the officials. Its the same here and and in the embassies too. The visa processing takes almost same for both type of applications as both have to go through the same process. Did they give reason for the rejection?
      You should have applied well in time. Perhaps you can ask the language school to differ your admission to the next intake so that you can join later on?

  • Hamid

    As i have mentioned i applied for visa on 22 August and i haven’t get visa yet…. Is there still chances of getting rejection as 67 days have passed?

    • admin

      It seems to me that , your application is stuck in somewhere , either in the federal office un Germany or with the town hall your university is in. Eitheway , many days passed does not necessarily mean you application will be passed.

  • venkatesh

    I got admission in TU CHEMNITZ, went to visa on sep 19th but my germany visa application has been rejected because your intention to stay in germany was not reliable so i don’t kow why rejected. is there any chances to reject my visa based on low toefl score and VO asks why do you get low toefl score and tell me what is the best answer to convince visa officer in this regard…..awaiting for your valuable reply…….. thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Well ,
      You have to convince him. The best answer would be : i have completed my bachelors in english language and also , i have been studying english language throughout my life , hence i feel that , studying masters in english language would not cause me any problems.

  • venkatesh

    thank you for your valuable reply but she asks why do you get low toefl score, the score does not match university norms but university granted admission but she asks how university granted admission she argues againest my admission please give comprehensive explaination.

    thank you

    • admin

      You should tell her that , if university consider me as an applicant , why there should be any problem with it? nonetheless , German is a non-english speaking country , hence it is very important to learn German rather then english.
      IT actually some times depends on the visa officer , some ask about it , some dont. Nevertheless there is a minimum requirment for english language if your course is in english , its 6.0 IELTS bands , i am not so sure about TOEFL

  • Hamid

    Thank you. Can you please guide me how to contact them?

  • Shahid Mehmood

    Dear admin
    my name is shahid here and i am from pakistan

  • Shahid Mehmood

    dear admin
    my name is shahid here and i am from Pakistan.
    i would like to ask you about my German visit refusal visa.
    i have applied it 4 time and i do not success any time all the time i have get bad news from germany Embassy.i have applied it 2005,2006,2008 and the visa officer send me a letter that sorry we do not granted you application and do not give any reason.
    In this time i have applied visit visa with fully of requirements
    like sponcer letter,return ticket my job letter with sallary, property ticket,personal bank statement at 30 lak pakistani rupessand my brother is also give tome the affidavit financial support for 1 core 30 lak plus much more.and in this time they send to me the letter which one i get on 22 oct 2013 with my passport the refusal letter and also they return back to me the original sponcer letter and give me 2 grounds that is follow ….
    8) Die vorgelegten Informationen über den Zweck und die Bedingungen des beabsichtigten Aufenthalts waren nicht glaubhaft
    In English: The information provided about the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.
    9) Ihre Absicht, vor Ablauf des visums aus dem Hoheitsgebiet der Mitgliedstaaten auszureisen, konnte nicht festgestellt werden.
    In English: Their intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.
    i do not know why they do not granted my visa second i already visied Malaysia, Thialand and come back to the right time last year 2012.
    now i sent the appeal letter tell me Dear admin what do you think do they answer me do they reconsider my application.i do not want to stay more then 15 days there i have good life here and good job here.i just want to visit my best friend now tell me how can i do it.i send my appeal letter to Germany embassy on 23 October clarify the points but still i do not get any reply from there side.
    what you give me suggestion waiting for your reply.

    Thanks Best regards

    Shahid Mehmood

  • Shahid Mehmood

    Dear Admin

    email me
    i do wait for your positive reply..

  • Shahid Mehmood

    hello dear Admin i wait for your answer but i did not get any response so
    answer me as soon as possible..

    Thanks Best Regards

    Shahid Mehmood

  • admin

    Dear Shahid ,

    Sorry to hear about the refusal , most of the cases we deal here are about the long term category D visa for Study , so have only short experience with your case.
    During visa internview you must take the visa interviwer into confidence that you will leave germany at the end of your stay. Furthermore , You can apply for visa of any of the schengen state and can visit germany on that visa like spain , italy , belgium etc.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    Thanks for reply i did interview with fully confidence.. but i do not get it ….
    now i have appeal it tell me do the re consider my case and also sending
    granted my application for 15 days…
    Secondly i have applied it University of Applied sciences w-s in Germany.
    i have rejected 4 time for visit if i apply for study tell me do i get easily visa or
    they also can refused me.
    Reply me i hope i will get admission soon in That university..

    Thanks Best Regards
    shahid mehmood

  • Hamid


    I have contacted German foreign office to inquire y visa status they came with this reply:

    Dear Sir:

    Thank you for contacting the Help Desk of the German Foreign Office.

    As far as the Help Desk is informed you have acknowledged a declaration with
    your signature that the visa process can take up to six months ore more.

    To issue your visa, the german embassy in Islamabad needs the approval of the
    german Foreigners Authority. We assume, this approval has not reached the
    competent visa section yet.
    As soon as the visa section gets the approval, the colleagues will get in
    contact with you.
    I am sorry to let you know that the Foreign Office is not able to speed up the

    What would you recommend me now?


  • Mohamed Ashik

    Hello Admin,

    I am Mohamed Asik Rahman from Chennai. I applied for the student visa by sep and done the interview on 17th sep 2013. All my reasons and justifications were wuite good as I didnt see any uncomfy expressions on the interviewer. But then, it was too late cos Darmstadt Univ extended my arrival only till 14th Oct 2013.
    So then, I apparently dropped it and didnt bother about the visa at all. I was hoping so incase I get the visa I could just go with it for the summer semester in the same university (where I got admitted again few days ago and waiting for the admission letter).
    It was today only that I went to the VFS after getting a call from them saying that a package is awaiting for me from the Consulate. Been there and opened up to only see my rejection with reason stated as
    “The German Aliens Authority in charge has not given its approval”
    I am very sure that no more explanation is available more to this.
    As of now I am planning to apply again, but there is no interview date itself at VFS and asked me to contact the embassy on any progress. Deal with the Consulate they say. So nice of them
    What could be the reason for my rejection as the statement is very general, non-specific.
    To improve my re-application, reasons would help me much.
    Any ideas?

  • FRED

    Dear admin,I want know abouts issues that is due to the students visa rejection from Germany. Such,Work permit Visa or Visiting Visa to any European countries.

  • paras


  • Hammad Ali

    Hello admin. i have been studying your valuable suggestions and i want one for me. I applied for my study visa at German embassy Islamabad for Msc in computational engineering in University of rostock. my visa interview was on 6-sep-2013 and my deadline for enrollment was 18-oct-2013 at university, So it was quite enough time for visa processing as they normally take 4 weeks to make a decision. Also my interview was very satisfactory and and impressions of visa officer were also normal, at the end of interview he asked me when do you want to go? in a very co-operative manner. But after that it started getting late for a reply. near to my deadline of enrollment i requested my university to send them a fax to fasten my case and kindly they did it. Also upon my request they contacted auslanderbehorde of rostock and told me that i was cleared from thier side also. As there were no signs of visa reply i requested to extend my deadline and they extended it till 1-nov-2013. I contacted embassy personally and they sent me an email stating that my application is still in process and i will be informed when a decision is made.Now extended deadline has also passed since many days before, and university has also refused to extend my enrollment deadline further, but they offered me to defer my admission to summer semester 2014, which i accepted because there was no other option. And from embassy side there is complete silence, i don,t know what they are doing. Confusion is that embassy doesn,t know that university has decided to defer my admission to summer semester 2014, the admission letter they have was for winter semester and has deadline of 18-0ct-2013 which has loosed its validity.Also the travel insurance which i submitted with my case was till 23-N0v-2013 which is also very near. So keeping in view all these factors what should i have to do now.(1) Just wait for a rejection notice and then apply for summer semester again (2) Or Can i inform the embassy via email the current situation that as you are still processing the application, my enrollment deadline and extension period has passed away and university has deferred my admission to summer semester so kindly when making a decision if you would like to issue a visa please issue it for summer period (because unexpectedly if they issue a visa for this month it will be useless because university will not enroll me in this semester) and also how could i be able to assure them that university has agreed to give an admission letter for summer semester because i have just University,s email stating this fact not the actual admission letter , also is there any way to send them new travel insurance when existing one will expire. So all things are mixing up in my mind. Please advice me what to do, I shall wait for your reply.

    • admin

      Dear Hammad ,
      My suggestion is that , you should send them the letter of your admission deffered to the next semester , as soon as possible. Its better that they know rather then just getting rejected.

      The time actually depends , how much they process , the embassy and the auslanderbehorde are not the ONLY people who have a ssay in your visa granting.


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